U-Mor AP

redispersible polymer powders, for conditioning tile substrate


This is a resin mortar that includes redispersible polymer powders, for conditioning tile substrate. This product is only available in some areas.

  • This material helps eliminate the hassle of diluting and mixing primer while increasing work efficiency, because all that is left to do is adding the prescribed amount of water.
  • Since the product is now fully premixed, this homogenizes resin amounts and results in a mortar with a stable level of quality.
  • This is a tile material for substrate conditioning that can be either coated with a trowel or sprayed, and so a single material can be used for both the undercoating (blowing down) as well as the coating (blowing up).
  • Offering excellent workability, this material can be both sheared off with a ruler as well as pressed with a wooden trowel.

Product Line

U Mor AP


Paper bag containing 25 kg

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