Corrugated Slates 

Our corrugated slates are widely used as exterior materials due to their incombustible characteristics.

UBE Large Corrugated Slate-n (Code LC-N)<br>UBE Small Corrugated Slate-n (Code SC-N)

UBE Large Corrugated Slate-n (Code LC-N)
UBE Small Corrugated Slate-n (Code SC-N)

UBE’s corrugated slates come in wide or narrow corrugation and are suitable for use in large buildings such as factories and warehouses.

UBE Accessory Slate-n

UBE Accessory Slate-n

*Built to order

Along with UBE’s Corrugated Slate-n, UBE’s Accessory Slate-n is also indispensable for your construction project.

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