UBE Large Corrugated Slate-n (Code LC-N)
UBE Small Corrugated Slate-n (Code SC-N)


UBE’s Large Corrugated Slate-n retains a high level of strength and is suitable for use on both roofs and walls. UBE’s Small Corrugated Slate-n emphasizes sharp lines and is incombustible building material for use on walls only. Use these corrugated slates on the roofs and exterior walls of every kind of building, including factories, warehouses, barns, platform roofs, and others.

  1. This incombustible building material is 100% free of asbestos.
  2. Extremely durable and weatherproof.
  3. Highly resistant to corrosion and water.
  4. Light and strong, one-third to one-half the weight of cement or Japanese roofing tiles.
  5. Easy workability reduces construction schedules.

Product Name/Size

UBE Large Corrugated Slate-n for roofs and walls
UBE Small Corrugated Slate-n for walls only
Type   Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Tolerance of Length and Width (mm) Mass (kg) Depth of Grooves (mm) Pitch (mm) Number of Ridges
Large Corrugated Slate-n LC-N6 1820 950 6.3±0.6 ±5 24 35 or More 130 7.5
LC-N7 2120 28
LC-N8 2420 32
Small Corrugated Slate-n SC-N6 1820 720 6.3±0.6 15 15 or More 63.5 11.5
SC-N7 2120 18
SC-N8 2420 20
Type Bending Fracture Load N (kgf) Impact Height (cm) Water Absorption (%) Permeability Test Remarks
Large Corrugated Slate-n 3,920 (400) or Higher 120 28 or Lower Passed Based on JIS A5430 testing method
Small Corrugated Slate-n 1,470 (150) or Higher 120 28 or Lower Passed


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