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Product Information

Offering a wide range of products including interior and exterior building materials, waterproofing materials, sub-floor materials, plaster materials, and foundation materials.

Self-Leveling Materials

A smooth floor can be formed using a flat type of rake and a trowel. We offer products with a range of features to meet customer needs.

Plastering Materials

Our lineup of plastering materials supports a variety of different applications.

Waterproofing Materials

We offer a diverse lineup of waterproofing materials such as the durable torch-applied sheet membrane Meltorch modified asphalt waterproofing, the adhesion types RAM Sheet and RA Sheet, and the polymer-modified cement waterproofing membrane Aquashutter.

Renewal Materials

These materials are used to repair concrete cracking, scaling, embrittlement, steel corrosion, lifting, exfoliation, and other problems.

Civil Engineering Materials

These construction materials include non-shrink mortar for repairing the cross sections of concrete structures, grout, weed-proofing sheets, and others.

Seismic Retrofit

Our seismic retrofitting methods use specific materials to efficiently and inexpensively retrofit buildings while they are in use.

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