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UBE Construction Materials Co., Ltd. (“UBE Construction Materials”) operates this website (“site”) for information disclosure purposes. It is strongly advised that you read the following terms of use carefully. By using this site, you agree to the terms described below. UBE Construction Materials reserves the right to change the disclaimer at any time, and will post this information as it is updated for you to read.

1. Copyright

Information contained in this site is protected under domestic copyright law and related international agreements. Any copying, modification or redistribution of information from this site is expressly prohibited without the written consent of UBE Construction Materials. Any use of content contained in this site beyond the scope recognized by other copyright laws is expressly prohibited without the consent of the copyright holder.

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Trade names and trademarks owned by UBE Construction Materials are protected under trademark laws, unfair competition laws and other laws. Any use or duplication of trade names or trademarks owned by UBE Construction Materials is forbidden without the express content of UBE Construction Materials.

3. Site Links

If you wish to publish a link to this site, please contact UBE Construction Materials here. The following information should be included with your inquiry: operating details and purpose of your site; purpose of link; and URL of the page where you want to place the link. UBE Construction Materials will verify the details of your request and notify you regarding its decision on consent for the link. Failure by UBE Construction Materials to reply to your request does not constitute permission for you to provide a link to this site.

When linking to this site, please use our main URL at https://www2.mu-cc.com/ubekenzai/en/index.html. If you wish to link to a different URL on this site, you must request this in advance.

Should UBE Construction Materials consent to a link to this site, UBE Construction Materials reserves the right to withdraw this consent should there be a perceived risk to the company in the opinion of UBE Construction Materials. Furthermore, UBE Construction Materials is not responsible for any content provided on a website that links to this site.

4. Disclaimer

UBE Construction Materials has taken every precaution in updating and managing information contained in this site. However, UBE Construction Materials makes no claim as to the accuracy or usefulness of information contained in this site, nor to its suitability for your objectives. Furthermore, UBE Construction Materials does not guarantee that the site will not cause a malfunction, or that the server from which this site originates does not contain computer viruses or other harmful data.

UBE Construction Materials assumes absolutely no responsibility for any malfunction, loss of data or damage you incur as a result of information contained in this site or from using this site. You agree that UBE Construction Materials reserves the right to change information contained in this site at any time, or to interrupt or stop operating this site at any time.

5. Legal Jurisdiction

All terms relating to the use of this site fall under the jurisdiction of the laws of Japan.

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