Corporate Philosophy 

UBE Construction Materials supports your future as your construction and infrastructure partner.

  • UBE Construction Materials has contributed to the development of diverse local infrastructure, guided by the founding principles of “coexistence and mutual prosperity” as it seeks growth together with communities. At UBE Construction Materials, we will continue creating new value in the fields of construction and infrastructure by supplying products used in construction and civil engineering. By anticipating contemporary needs and embracing innovation, we will keep advancing into the future.

Amenity, Peace of Mind, Satisfaction

We put every effort into developing products that satisfy customers. This is to create products that deliver amenity and peace of mind, while lowering the total cost throughout the life cycle, including building or infrastructure construction, repair, and replacement. Furthermore, we will propose products and construction methods tailored to the individual needs of customers.

Extending Life

Extending the life of buildings and infrastructure is essential for the safety and security of urban development. We leverage our proprietary technology and combine inorganic and organic materials to develop and deliver a diverse range of products and plans that are tailored to the individual needs of each customer. As we do so, we strive to decrease our environmental impact and help to conserve the global environment.

Ease of Installation

We meet the needs of customers by offering products, systems, and construction methods that facilitate precision installation, save labor, and shorten construction, to reduce the overall cost. In the pursuit of safety, we ensure that the products we develop are easy to use and manage, and free of hazardous substances. We pay due care to enhancing worksite environments.

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