UBE Acitect Anticorrosion Method (U-Acitect)

Sulfuric acid-resistant mortar anticorrosion method: Sulfuric acid-resistant mortar for cross-section repair and for use as an anticorrosion coating

U-Acitect is a cross section restorative material that offers excellent sulfuric acid resistance and workability for use in corrosive environments such as sewers and drainage systems.

  • Our lineup includes products based on both blast furnace slag (AP) and alumina cement (T).
  • U-Acitect T offers superior sulfuric acid resistance compared to previous types of sulfuric acid-resistant mortar.
  • These products achieve strength and adhesion soon after they are applied.
  • Application method: U-Acitect AP (troweling and spraying), U-Acitect T (troweling)


  Usable as cross-section restorative material Usable as anticorrosion coating layer
U-Acitect AP Yes No
U-Acitect T Yes Yes

Product Name/Packaging

U-Acitect AP Paper bag containing 25 kg
U-Acitect T Paper bag containing 20 kg
U-Primer T Can containing 18 kg
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