Aquashutter AC


UBE has conquered the weather and fatigue resistance issues that were the drawbacks of previous polymer-modified cement waterproofing materials, and can now offer waterproofing performance over a long period of time. These next-generation waterproofing materials can meet the various needs for indoor waterproofing.

Method Line

Aquashutter AC Waterproofing Methods

  • ACN method (PA-1 specifications)
  • ACB method (PA-2 specifications)
  • ACR method (C-PF, PA-3 specifications)
  • ACV-R method (combined method with RAM SHEET)
  • ACV method
  • ACG method (C-PU, PB-1 specifications)

Aquashutter AC Anticorrosive Coating Methods

  • GW method, GW-A method, GW-F method (waterworks-related facility application)
  • GO-A method, GO-B method, GO-C method, GO-D method, GC-1 method, GD-1 method (sewage system-related facility application)

Aquashutter AC Combined Waterproofing and Anticorrosion Methods

  • ACGW method, ACGW-A method, ACGW-F method (waterworks-related facility application)
  • ACGO-A method, ACGO-B method, ACGO-C method, ACGO-D method, ACGC-1 method, ACGD-1 method (sewage system-related facility application)

Product Line

  • AC Admixture
  • AC Stock Solution
  • ACG Admixture
  • ACG Emulsion
  • AS Primer
  • AS Coat
  • AS Top
  • AS Protector


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