Modified asphalt roofing (torch method)


This waterproofing sheet, which combines modified asphalt and spunbond polyester, is for use with the torch method. It offers attributes that make up for the defects of the previous heat method of asphalt waterproofing. It has been used not only in new construction projects, but also in many roof waterproofing repair projects involving condominiums and other buildings in recent years. It has been widely praised for its excellent cost performance (JIS A6013-compliant product).

  • Compliant with the construction standard specifications of public utilities.

Product Line


Secondary Material

  • Meltorch Primer
  • Aqueous Primer MR
  • MEL Base Stock Solution
  • MEL Base Admixture
  • RA Coat
  • RA CoatⅡ
  • RA Highly Reflective Coat


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