RA Sheet, RA Tape

Modified asphalt roofing (self-adhesive method)


These are self-adhesive waterproofing sheets that are formed by laminating various types of substrates such as polyester non‐woven fabrics impregnated with modified asphalt or aluminum film, and then laminated with a modified asphalt adhesive layer.

Product Line

  • Waterproof method (SS20R)
  • Damp-proofing sheets for freezers and refrigerators (GR07NL, GWA07L, and others)
  • Roof underlayment waterproofing sheets (RZ10 and others)
  • For houses (2×4 method, conventional method) waterproofing and damp-proofing material (ZS18B, ZS21B, SS20R, RA TAPE and others)

Secondary Material

  • RA Primer
  • RA Bond
  • RA Seal
  • RA Paste II


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