UB Cation

Cationic resin mortar
Cationic resin mortar


This is a substrate conditioning mortar for repair construction that provides excellent adhesiveness, abrasion resistance, and bending strength. The product is provided in a set using an ideally premixed powder containing cement, aggregates, additive agents, and other ingredients, as well as a special resin emulsion admixture liquid. Simply knead these components together to create the mortar.

  • This product adheres well to a wide range of materials, from concrete, mortar, tile, marble, terrazzo, and glass to epoxy and urethane resin, and can be used for the construction of wall substrates, underfloor substrates, and roof beds.
  • It also offers excellent chemical resistance.

Product Line/Packaging

UB Cation R (for roller) Can containing 17 kg
UB Cation K (for trowel) Can containing 20 kg
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