Outdoor Floor Leveler G

Rapid hardening/drying cement-type self-leveling material (for outdoor use)


The same type of self-leveling construction work can be done outdoors as well as indoors. This material can be used to prepare any surface that will be given a water gradient, such as the floor or drain of a condominium’s balcony or open corridor, the base layer of a rooftop’s waterproofing, and so on.

  • This is a self-leveling material with a greatly reduced shrinkage factor (approximately one third of the quality standard level).
  • The achievement of remarkably fast hardening allows for light walking approximately four hours after work (standard schedule).
  • The speed of the decrease in water content enables finishing material work at an early stage.
  • Can be used to construct a gradient of around 1/100.
  • Can be used as the base material under sheet flooring and urethane-based waterproof coating.

*Since this product is material for substrate conditioning, it cannot be used for finishing applications.

Product Line

Outdoor Floor Leveler G


Paper bag containing 25 kg


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