Floor Leveler G

Rapid hardening/drying cement-type self-leveling material


Floor Leveler G is a rapid hardening and rapid drying cement-type self-leveling material that can be used to create a flat floor by simply kneading it with water and smoothing it out using a flat rake or other such tool. It supports construction thicknesses between 8 and 50 mm, and it is ideal for use as a flat material for the substrate conditioning for sheet flooring of concrete floors in general buildings, condominiums, schools, hospitals, and other locations, as a part of new construction, repair work, and other projects.

  • The shrinkage factor has been greatly reduced (approximately one third of the quality standard level).
  • The achievement of remarkably fast hardening allows for light walking approximately four hours after work (standard schedule).
  • The rapid decrease in water content enables finishing material work at an early stage.
  • SL FLOW G (tanker system) bagged product.

Product Line

Floor Leveler G


Paper bag containing 25 kg


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