Tough Leveler G+

High-strength, extra rapid hardening/drying cement-type self-leveling material (for base use)


This self-leveling material offers a higher strength than ordinary products, making it a high-fluidity and ultra-rapid hardening material that can be applied as a load-resistant floor or as a base material for a coated floor.

  • Load resistant power is secured with a compressive strength of 42 N/mm2, much higher than that of ordinary products.
  • This is an ideal base material for use in factories, warehouses, parking lots, and other locations where forklifts and other heavy vehicles operate.
  • As the UBE self-leveling material that dries the fastest, Tough Leveler G+ is suitable for use in emergency construction.
  • This material can be used to finish the foundation of an indoor parking lot or bicycle parking lot.
  • It can be used under a diverse range of finishing materials, such as sheet flooring and coated floors.
  • High fluidity gives this material outstanding self-leveling performance, and improvements in level accuracy can be expected, and with fewer workers.

Product Line/Packaging

Tough Leveler G+ Paper bag containing 25 kg
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